Casey's Story

Casey Has Trained As A Second Shooter For Many Year And After Doing Many Amazing  Solo Weddings Casey Is Offering Affordable Wedding Photography Packages

Some Examples  Of Casey's Wedding Photography

Casey McClintic's Craft

Casey Has Improved His Craft From A Simple Natural Light Photographer To Adapting Advanced Lighting Techniques. After Working In A Portrait Studio And Continuing The Brand Into Wedding Photography, Casey Has Mastered The Art Of Photography And Found The Personal Style Every Artisan Strives To Achieve.

Photo Shoot Timeline

Photo Shoot Timeline From Booking To Delivery


Coordinating And Prep

Booking The Wedding Date As Early As Possible Is Very Important. Making Sure Both Casey And Any Second Shooter (If Needed) Is Available To Start A Wedding Photography Contract. 

Photo Session

Casey Will Meet You On Location

Casey Will Be On Location With A Second Shooter (If Needed)  10 - 15 Min Before Venue Setup To Plan The Full Shoot. Communication Is Key, A Photography Wishlist And Important Persons List Can Make This Amazing Day Even More Efficient. 

Delivery 2 - 4 Weeks

Editing Takes Time

Casey Will Deliver The Photos After Editing Them Via A One Drive Link For Download After Payment.

Pricing Table

Photography Services Available!

Full Wedding

$ 800
All Day
  • 70 -100 Photos
  • Virtual Download
  • Second Shooter


$ 400
Ceremony And Prep
  • 25-30 Photos
  • Virtual Download
  • Second Shooter

Full Wedding And Video 

$ 1600
All Day
  • 70 - 100 Photos + Video
  • Virtual Download
  • Second Shooter


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